Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kinfolk Living

Kindred Spirit- (n) a person who shares beliefs, attitudes, feelings, or features with another, also called a kindred soul.

Kinfolk Magazine- (pn) quarterly magazine that collects ideas from a growing international community of artists, writers, designers, photographers, cooks and others who are interested in creating small gatherings and finding new things to make and do.

Simple, creative, intentional. This is the dream I chase. The mirror in my office received a mini makeover today.  It's all about the details.

It took all of five minutes. Styling is so much fun. I find it so peaceful. Probably because I'm lucky enough to have a guy that assembles and installs all of my Ikea pieces for me. All I have to do is add a personal touch afterwards.

I love creating in our beautiful home. Making it mine. Making it lovely.

I've been slowly adding and changing elements around the house. I think this one was superb.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Start of My Vegetable Garden

My 2014 Vegetable Garden Details

Initial Cost to Start:
Seeds- $10
Organic starting soil- $5
Indoor seedling containers-  $2   (Two containers from the dollar store and small boxes that I cut down in height.)
Drip pan underneath containers- $0   (I used old pans from under my oven.)

Initial cost to start was super affordable for me. I didn't worry about having the "best" supplies. I just got a little crafty for the containers and such. The only things I really invested in were decent seeds and organic starting soil.

What I'm Attempting to Grow This Year:
Cherry tomatoes
Heirloom tomatoes
Bell Peppers
Green Beans

I'll be sharing more about my garden this month, including seedling progress so far and the transplant from indoor starting containers to our new raised garden beds in the backyard. A little teaser for you guys- our gorgeous raised garden beds didn't cost a dine! Are you planning a vegetable garden this year?


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Intentional Living- Gardening

I've been waiting years to have my first vegetable garden. Something about being self-sufficient and enjoying mother nature's way of providing for us is very appealing to me. Not to mention all the health benefits of homegrown food. The more I hear about toxins and chemicals contaminating market bought produce, the more I feel the desire to grow my own garden so I feel safer and more knowledgeable about what's going into my body.

Well, I am so thrilled that we've bought a house and now all those dreams can be put to hard work in our back yard! We've been in our home since October, and finally spring is coming around. I've had so many plans and hopes for what my garden might be. While there will be times when I have no idea what I'm doing and times when I fail, I can't wait to see the fruits vegetables of my labor, come harvest!

I've started this blog to document not just my new adventures in gardening, but in my more intentional approach to life this year altogether. I hope to try many new activities and work towards controlling more of the things that affect my health and well being. I truly believe that striving to live simply will lead to a much more relaxed and content attitude each day. Plus, I get to try my hand at a ton of new hobbies and I just love having hobbies.

What suggestions do you have for starting towards a more intentional lifestyle? I'd love to hear them!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. I can't wait to see this blog grow and flourish.