Friday, April 4, 2014

The Start of My Vegetable Garden

My 2014 Vegetable Garden Details

Initial Cost to Start:
Seeds- $10
Organic starting soil- $5
Indoor seedling containers-  $2   (Two containers from the dollar store and small boxes that I cut down in height.)
Drip pan underneath containers- $0   (I used old pans from under my oven.)

Initial cost to start was super affordable for me. I didn't worry about having the "best" supplies. I just got a little crafty for the containers and such. The only things I really invested in were decent seeds and organic starting soil.

What I'm Attempting to Grow This Year:
Cherry tomatoes
Heirloom tomatoes
Bell Peppers
Green Beans

I'll be sharing more about my garden this month, including seedling progress so far and the transplant from indoor starting containers to our new raised garden beds in the backyard. A little teaser for you guys- our gorgeous raised garden beds didn't cost a dine! Are you planning a vegetable garden this year?


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