About Me

Laura Rahél Crosby- 24 years old. Lover of natural light photography. Has two shelter dogs and one cat. Crazy cat lady. Finding the best way to happiness; through natural living. Follow along here for sneak peaks into my life, my home, and my adventures in finding my way to a more simple approach to life. Intentional living is about making the most out of every moment you have by purposely doing the things that bring you health and happiness, and purposely letting go of all the rest.

"I found that the less I needed, the more I had."

I also blog at Laurel Lane, where you can find stories about my journey with unexplained female infertility and various diy and scrapbooking projects.

I am a family and portrait photographer. Lovely photos here.

My etsy shop has gorgeous handmade home accessories that I've designed and created.

Want meet for brunch or chat? Contact me here:  laura.rahel.crosby @ hotmail.com


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